My travels during year 2014
March/April 2014, India, Asia (myself).

May 2014, India, Asia (group).

May/June 2014, India, Asia (myself)

June 2014, Tanzania, Africa (group).

August 2014, Pantanal, Brazil (group).

October 2014, Alaska (myself).

December 2014, India, Asia (group).

Next book

Design and achievement. Information retrieval. Comp. The topic is set, a hundred shots have already been chosen, it must still be missing photos. 3 more years I will need.
Publication for end 2015.

Protection of tiger

At first, I transfer the copyright of my book to ONG, protection of tigers.

In a second step, I plan a separate structure in India. I have on site a few people willing to help the tiger. The idea ahead ...